European Professional Association of Ayurveda-Practioners and - Therapists: Independent, active and neutral

The associations consolidated here are independent and neutral organisations of Ayurveda Practitioners in Germany and Europe.

The members are professionally trained medical doctors, practitioners of natural medicine and therapists in the fields of 

  • Ayurvedic medicine 
  • Ayurvedic therapy 
  • Ayurvedic consultation 
  • Ayurvedic massage and wellbeing 


A special concern of the VEAT and its members is the accreditation and integration of Ayurveda as a holistic medicine and complementary therapy on a broad, public, medical-scientific and professional political level.

The association enhances a direct and indirect collaboration between the specialist fields of medicine, therapy and prevention (wellness).

Important targets of this association are effective public relations work, quality management as well as the establishment of national and international contacts. The association works on a non-profit basis and is free as regards politics and religion.