Activities: Promotion of accreditation and acceptance

The VEAT promotes the accreditation and acceptance of Ayurveda in Germany and Europe

  • Public relations work with fair performances 
  • Press releases / media advisories in the general media and in professional magazines 
  • Websites containing profound background information on Ayurveda 
  • Publication of professional articles written by leading Ayuveda professionals from all over the world


The VEAT represents besides Ayurvedic medicine also its members interests at the political and public level. 

  • Assistance in projects for the development of an accredited job description for Ayurveda in the field of alternative medicine and complementary therapy 
  • Collaboration with national and international organisations and associations working in related professions.


The VEAT unifies and supports Ayurveda practitioners in Germany and Europe.

  • Communication and professional exchange among the members
  • Information on current developments in Ayurveda 
  • Service for members regarding insurance coverage, advertising materials, member magazine and job exchange 
  • Consultation in professional, economical and legal concerns


The VEAT guarantees quality 

  • Quality oriented admission criteria and guidelines for further education 
  • General quality principles for Ayurveda practitioners 
  • Ethical guidelines for Ayurveda practitioners to protect ethical principles in Ayurveda 
  • Offers of advanced training at accredited Ayurveda institutes for members


The VEAT is a competent contact partner for interested persons 

  • Distribution of an official list of qualified Ayurveda practitioners 
  • Objective criteria for the selection of qualified educational courses as well as treatment and product offers


The VEAT is a platform for Ayurveda educational institutes 

  • Quality recommendations for providers of education 
  • Development of uniform educational standards and clear job descriptions