Ayurveda Training Centers

Ayurveda Schools and Educational Institutes:

College of Ayurveda in Kooperation mit der Middlesex University | England
Europäische Akademie für Ayurveda REAA, Rosenberg Gesellschaft gGmbH | Germany · Austria · Switzerland
Vidya Sagar Akademie | Germany
European Institute for Vedic Studies EIVS | France · Switzerland · England
Nationales Institut für Ayurveda von der indischen Regierung | India
Indische Gesundheitsmedizin | India
Forschung in der Ayurveda Medizin | India

Weitere Ayurveda-Schulen
Gujarat Ayurveda-University | India
Ayurvedic Point |  Italy
School van Ayurveda | Belgium
Instituto Italiano di Ayurveda | Italy
Tapovan | France · Switzerland · Belgium

To all educational institutes: Please send us your application so that we can include your address into our list above. Please contact our office for further information.