Fields of Applications

Ayurveda is a holistic health system which deals with everything life may offer. Your personal health depands on a lot of things for example your eating habits, your lifestyle habits and the satisfaction of your physical and emotional needs. Likewise the ayurvedic medicine heals with multifacted and individual applicable measures and recommendations for maintaining health and curing diseases.  

The ayurvedic therapy has matured over the centuries its practical application to a complex system that can enrich the modern medical landscape in many ways. Ayurveda brings success in diseases that are difficult to treat in conventional systems.   The combination of both medical as well as maintaining health, psychological and spiritual aspects in Ayurvedic medicine gives an effective, holistic therapy in the proper sense.  

Ayurveda represents the principle of individuality in both nutritional and behavioral issues as well as in therapy. This explains why patients can be treated totally different with the same disease.  

The range of measures is wide-ranging - what is right for the individual, can only be decided in the individual case. The scale of this is provided in depth discussions, as well as the perceived needs and preferences of the client: Health only makes sense when it brings joy and hapiness to my client’s life.

  • Ayurveda Medicine  

In addition to the knowledge about the healthy lifestyle Ayurvedic medicine has two very intensive treatment methods by which even serious diseases can be successfully treated: Dravyaguna (herbalism) und Panchakarma (Cleansing Therapy). The two forms of therapy are performed by Ayurvedic Doctors as an outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment. A medical Ayurvedic treatment accompanies the patient over a long period of time in which the healing process is holistically according to the individual clinical picture, so that the causes and symptoms of the disease can be treated and eliminated sustainably.  

According to the classical therapeutic apporch the Ayurvedic treatment always starts with the intensive cleansing treatment (Panchakarma), which rids the body of his disease causes and accumulated waste products. After this comprehensive cleaning process, the constructive and stabilizing Dravyaguna therapy, in which the individual body tissue and healthy operating principles are renewed with vegetable, animal and mineral preparations and healing recipes.  



The Panchakarma methods are very old and are applied successfully for many centuries. With a complex system of five (panch) actions (karma) toxic substances, metabolic waste products and disease causes are purged. The five Cleansing therapies will depend on the individual disease and on the general state of health.   Panchakarma is not equally well suited for all medical conditions. The intensive cleaning process achieves outstanding results in all chronic and intractable diseases and psychosomatic complaints, for example, in all skin diseases, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, impotence, tinnitus or insomnia. Even heart disease, diabetes or musculoskeletal disorders can be treated very well.   A Panchakarma treatment usually takes 3-12 weeks. The more severe and long lasting the clinical picture is, the longer and more comprehensive treatments will be necessary. A Panchakarma treatment is not a relaxing vacation with health benefits, but hard work for doctor, therapist and patient. The diverting therapies - medical vomiting (Vamana), draining (Virecana), enemas (Basti), Nose and Sinus treatment (Nasya), bloodletting (Rakta moksa) - not only cleanse the digestive tract. Through the concept of preparations, discharges and postprocessing the organism and mind are renewed sustainably.  


  • Ayurvedic Therapy 

The various oil and dry treatments of Ayurveda therapy support the body specifically in its cleaning and renewal process. Many symptoms can be reduced or eliminated and you will find back in your original dosha balance. The Ayurvedic massage treatments are also used as a preparation for Panchakarma and as an accompaniment for any medical treatment in Ayurvedic medicine. Through the external oiling (mostly supported by an internal oiling), the body is getting softer. The waste products and tissue toxins dissolve and be discharged through the following sweat treatment.  

When you use this treatments regularly, the individual forms of treatment will effect your rejuvenation, cell renewal and revitalizing. Furthermore, they serve your preventative health care, strengthening your immune system and support the sense of well-being of body and soul. A distinction is made between tissue reducing and tissue-building treatments. The tissue-building massages include the various oil massages. The tissue-reducing massages (dry massage) support the detoxification and weight loss.  


Snehana – oil anointments

Under this term all oil treatments of Ayurveda are grouped. The whole body (Abhyanga) or parts of the body (stomach, back, head, face, feet) are massaged with oil which is adjusted to skin type, consttution and diseases.

Unter dem Begriff werden alle Ölmassagen des Ayurveda zusammengefasst. Der ganze Körper (Abhyanga) oder nur Teilbereiche (Bauch, Rücken, Kopf, Gesicht und Füsse) werden mit auf den Hauttyp, die Konstitution und die Krankheitsbilder abgestimmten Ölen massiert. Die verschiedenen Massagen werden eingesetzt zur Stressreduktion, bei Schlafstörungen, zur Stärkung von Haut, Knochen und Muskeln, bei Beschwerden des Bewegungsapparates und zur allgemeinen Verbesserung des Immunsystems.


Dhara – Pouring of oil over the forehead

The most known pouring-treatment is Shirodhara - the pouring of oil over the forehead. More than 20 minutes a beam of warm oil (or buttermilk or medical pourings) on the forehead render a state of deep relaxation. Shirodhara is used in beauty care and for relaxation, but primarily for medical treatments in headaches, depression and ailments of the nervous system.


Garshan – silk glove massage

Garshan is a stimulating dry massage with rough silk gloves. Similar to lymphatic drainage the full body is activated. This facilitates weight reduction and toning of the tissues.


Udvarthana – dry massages  

Here the body is rubbed with warm powders, flours, herbs and spices. They are used for detoxification, to remove edema, accumulated Ama and fat. Udvarthana is also a classical post-treatment after oil massages.


Svedana – Swaet treatments

Sweating is part of every Ayurvedic therapy as it helps the body to burn waste and to excrete it. After every oil massage one should sweat in order to eliminate the excess of the three doshas from the tissues and to foster Agni.


Pinda sveda – gossamer-Massage

Here the body is effaced with hot gossamer-bags filled with herbs, spices and special rice decoctions. Pinda Sveda is used primarily in diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as palsy, arthritis, tight muscle or injuries. The treatments stimulates cell renewal and serves the toning of the tissues.



  • Ayurveda-Advising 


As Ayurveda sees itself as a holistic art of healing, every Ayurvedic treatment should encorporate coaching elements. In order to heal disease but also to promote health it is necessary to look at the client with his physical, mental and emotional constitution as well as his familial, social and economic context. Nutritional as well as Ayurvedic psychological consultations have proven of value. Their aim is to attend and support the client in his own process of consciousness (the basis of health promotion and healing).  



What we eat has a fundamentl impact on our physical health and mental contentment. Ayurvedic diet is a holistic system to provide body, mind and sould with nutrients and vital substances according to individual needs.

The specialty of Ayurvedic diet is, that all food is selected and combined under consideration of the individual constitution and metabolism. Also the type and preparation of food is adjusted to eating habits of a culture, climate and season. So there is no typical diet according to Ayurveda but every person can compose his or her optimal diet using Ayurvedic principles. Crucial for an adequate diet are the doshas and the agni, but also origin, life traditions and lifestyle of the individual. Thus a very versatile way of diet develops which is not only tasty but also very energy giving.

A special emphasis in Ayurvedic nutrition is given to good digestibility and optimal absorption of the food. DUe to appetizing spices, combinations which are easily digestible and mild forms of preparation the metabolism can digest the food in an ideal way and thus gain the highes measure of vital energy out of the food. Food, herbs and spices are a part of Ayurvedy phytotherapy, therefor the right diet is also the basis for every therapeutic intervention. Ayurveda is aware of the big impact that every day food with its various taste components has on our psychological wellbeing.

Ayurvedic diet is very versatile and differenciated. Qualified nutritionists help their clients to interpret their dietary habits correctly and to bring them into balance.


Lifestyle and psychology

Ayurveda does not only offer outstanding therapy forms for physical balance. Ayurveda also leads a person  to mental health with its holistic and profound psychology and with spiritual therapy. A great number of all diseases and ailments in our western world have a psychological or psycho-somatic basis. The main cause for physical complaints as not lack of nutrition or infection but stress, psychic ailments and trauma from the past. Wrong thinking and untackled emotional imprints lead inevitably to disorders and negative forms of expression of the mind. Therefore Ayurvedic psychology is a valuable form of therapy for the modern, western world. 



  • Ayurveda-Wellbeing


Wellbeing from a holistic, Ayurvedic point of view summarizes all recommendations and treatments which primarily do not serve to treat diseases but promote health and prevention. In contrast to therapeutic Ayurvedic massages these treatments do not have a diverting character but serve to build up life energy and joy.

Relaxing and at the same time energy giving treatments are extremely pleasent and are given classically as beauty and rejuvenation therapy. Especially in our modern times with a lot of pressure from the job, family and every day duties these vitalising therapies and massages are of great importance to reduce stress. They strenghten inner wealth, harmony and beauty.