Further information on professional titles

In Ayurveda there exist numerous basic courses and further trainings – unfortunately the acquired professional titles are not legally protected and do not reveal sufficient information about the quality of a chosen therapist.

All of the members of VEAT dispose of a qualified and extensive education in the chosen area of application and therewith meet the quality demand of our association. They have voluntarily pledged themselves to comply with those professional and ethical principles that correspond to the holistic science and philosophy of Ayurveda.

Besides a profound training an Ayurveda practitioner should also have the distinction of being able to motivate and guide her/his clients to show more individual initiative. Favourable manners as well as attitudes towards the promotion of one’s own health are also aspects to be communicated by the Ayurveda practitioner in a way that interest and joy is being aroused. Passively being pampered is indeed part of the image many consumers and providers have brought into connection with Ayurveda, which however does not belong to the foremost functions of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a holistic health model, in which nutritional habits, stress handling, social network, profession, commitment to environment and nature as well as spiritual background of life play a role.